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Breaking up is hard to do

No, I'n not talking about relationships - I mean breaking up with the bad habits we may have, espcially when it comes to spending.

Everyday I struggle with old, bad habits while trying to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. And sometimes the old, bad "snap spending" (I could buy something quicker than you can snap your fingers) habit sneaks up on me too. It becomes very easy to justify an extra purchase espseciall since "we've all been tightening the best" for awhile.

When the urge hits to reveret back to my old ways, I've had to learn to ask myself, "Is it a need or a want?" I even created a little card to keep in my wallet; I pull it ooooout before I grab a credit card to force me to think.

When I take a few minutes to answer this question and think the purchase through, I feel better because I'm in control. I make thoughtful spending decisions. Thern ther's no guilt for deciding to spend...or not.

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