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“Charlotte’s expertise is conveyed with such humor and wit that you’re learning and you don’t even know it.” 


Mattie Jackson, ExxonMobil

“Charlotte speaks at a level that anyone can understand and relate to. I learned information today that I wish I had received 25 years ago.” 


Ted Koepfinger, McDonalds

“Charlotte spoke at two events for me. The first was a Women’s Business Leadership group for a Fortune 100 company that I work closely with. She so impressed the group that I received 17 RFCs from 22 women (3 of the others were already clients!). The second event was a client appreciation dinner and my 10 year anniversary celebration for 40 of my best clients. Again, I have never received better feedback from my clients at any event in the past. Charlotte is one of the best speakers I have had the opportunity to work with. She is insightful, funny and has a genuine approach that everyone enjoyed. I would put her in front of my clients and prospects again without hesitation.”


R. Jeff Taylor, CFP, Ameriprise Financial

“Thanks for your exceptional presentation. Your session proved to be very popular, timely and appreciated by our attendees. The helpful content and your energetic presentation contributed to the overall success of the Conference. You were the perfect person for the Super Session. I certainly would recommend you highly to any other prospective client. We’re hopeful to have you back in the near future.”


Ellen Ackerman, Administrative Professionals Conference

“….and what can I say about Charlotte Stallings’s presentation that hasn’t been said by others at least a million times? She was the hit of the Forum. All of our members who attended that segment were talking about her presentation all weekend long to those members who did not attend.” 


Faye Griffith, Riddle & Wimbish, P.C.

“This was fun and powerful. I learned the value of fanning the flame in me.”


Alicia Harris, San Jacinto College 

“You were great, a very engaging speaker with excellent enthusiasm, great stories and inspirational. You received the highest rating of all our speakers during the two-day Forum. We received numerous requests to have you back.”


Bonnie Stanley, Financial Planning Association of Minnesota

“Charlotte helped me see that I do bring a lot to the table." 


Kelly Henson, Halliburton

“Not only did Charlotte give me a lot to think about, she also gave me some tools to work with. Fantastic!”


Chris Romair, Chevron

“Your energy was contagious.”


Amy Mathis, Lincoln Financial Distributors

“Charlotte recharged my energy! A boost – jumpstart to my self-esteem! She made me aware of things I knew deep down inside but wasn’t truly awake to. She’s passionate! Contagious! Fun!”


Erica Kresovich, Penn State University

“Charlotte is a confidence booster!!"


Pat Fletchall, The City of League City

“Charlotte delivered her presentation “Strong Women, Powerful Financial Strategies” at a series of events that the market group organized. The theme of the events was “Market Trends/Fashion Trends” – so we brought Charlotte in to speak to women about getting smart about investing and address some of the concerns about the current state of the market. After that, we had a live fashion show that everyone really enjoyed. I heard so much positive feedback from advisors and their clients and prospects about what an important, powerful presentation Charlotte gave. Our preliminary results have shown a number of prospects that have converted into high value clients. Charlotte is able to reach across generations, income brackets, and knowledge levels and really deliver a clear, concise message that every person (male or female) needs to hear. I have already started working on more events that include Charlotte – she’s dynamic, engaging, and has proven to get results.” 


Kristen Bevil, Ameriprise Financial

“Charlotte is engaging, positive and affirming. She reminded me about something I had forgotten: my focus!”


Yvette Banuelos, U.T. MD Anderson Cancer Center

“So worth my time…. Charlotte is a phenomenal speaker who engages her audience. I left thinking about my strengths and weaknesses and wanting to achieve success with the tools she taught all of us. She is a great speaker, engaging, positive. Truly has a beginning-to-conclusion in story telling, which gets the best out of ourselves. Gets the listener to think and reflect.” 


Christopher Barette, FC Dallas

“I have taken finance classes for some time now and never has anyone broke it down like you. I really understood, I guess it was your background that hit me and caught my attention. Your humor and the way you present yourself. Thank you for the inspiration, I was raised in NYC projects and some of your background was similar to mine.”


Alicia Cole, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

"I learned to think outside the box! Charlotte is a breath of fresh air, not the same old seminar. Fabulous! She knows her stuff. Inspiring. Encore!!”


Angela Fogle, BP

“Charlotte is a ‘head-nodder’…I kept nodding my head agreeing with her! She helped me see the value of remembering what motivates me.”


Gina Monreal, Christus Health

“I am 34 years old and have never had stocks, bonds and the markets explained to me in a way that Charlotte has, she made it easy to follow and understand. Charlotte is very knowledgeable and a great speaker. The nice presentation material helped me to see the big picture.” 


Christian Smith, Montgomery County Adult Probation

“You delivered as expected and all that I’ve heard and read about you was true!! You truly are gifted and talented…dynamic, motivational and inspirational. You have such passion for what you do and it really comes out in your presentation. One evaluation said, “Super, Excellent – the BEST In-Service ever – we NEED to get her back here again.” If there was a negative, it was that they all wished there would have been more time. Thank you for inspiring and motivating all of us to find our passion and to excel for ourselves.”


Eric Aguirre, District Training Officer, Caldwell, Comal and Hays County CSCD

“As a result of your class I have become better, stronger and more confident. I’m excited because I see an even brighter future for myself and my company than I did before your class."


Jason Hamilton, Building Blocks Media Group

“You were such a breath of fresh air…just what we needed to close the program. The comments were wonderful; I cannot wait to work with you again.”


Natalie Payne, Correctional Management Institute of Texas

“Thanks Charlotte. You are the first person to ever make me feel more confident about my current situation. You’re energetic, easy to follow and approachable." 


Elizabeth Cunningham, Williamson County CSCD

“Charlotte made me see the bigger picture not just my own little world. She’s bold and energetic, and motivating to a person who isn’t easily motivated.” 


Sean Hanley, CMIT Summer Leadership Training

“The students cannot stop talking about how much they learned from you. They were so impressed with your ability to put hard to understand concepts into easy to remember statements. They are still quoting from your personal stories. Your energy and vibrancy changed a potentially dry topic into an exciting journey. You presented realistic ideas that they can use immediately. You not only gave us ideas, but also inspiration.”


Suzie Wilson, Houston Community College

“Charlotte’s personable, genuine interest in assisting us through her transparent examination of her personal struggles with finances, gave me inspiration to take charge of my financial future. Manageable suggestions! Extremely beneficial!” 


Judy Loftis, North Carolina Personal Financial Literacy Summit

“Very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and reasonable. Charlotte’s tips will help anyone, regardless of salary, to save and increase their wealth.” 


Cicely Simmons, NASA

“Charlotte inspired me to stop living in the moment and start living for life.” 


Diahn Senette, Walter P Moore

“You have the gift to make people feel like you are sitting with a best friend.”


Annella Metoyer, Captital One Bank

“You are awesome! I truly enjoyed your presentation. I learned more in thirty minutes (from you) than I can say I have learned in twenty years!” 


Delisa Eaton, Clemson University

“Charlotte keeps it simple and easy for anyone to understand. Her program showed me more options on how to manage my finances.” 


Hillary Jefferis, Lakewood Church

“Charlotte….omg, REAL!” 


Elizabeth Cooksey, Mid-Management Leadership Conference

“Charlotte:, what can I say?! Everything was awesome! We’ve heard nothing but extremely positive feedback. We felt as if we were listening to a personal friend. Your delivery, information, and slides were very interesting, engaging, informative, and even humorous. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you.”


Sondra Clarke, Cleveland Heights/University Heights City School District

“You were such a dynamic and inspiring speaker. I was so excited about your presentation I shared all that I could remember that night on the phone. We’re going to try the systems you talked about. Thanks for taking the time to share with us your insight, knowledge, and wisdom on money management. It’s a subject, that women especially, seem to be afraid of, but I’m ready to seize the moment and take control of our/my finances.”


Sheila Mosley, Biogenidec

“This was sooooo much better than I expected. It was great. Most of what I learned from Charlotte was from her example. She was natural, humorous, energetic, professional, engaging, respectful of her audience and passionate.”


Theresa Westcott, Public Speaking for Wimps

“Charlotte motivated and inspired me to start today; not tomorrow. I’m going to face the facts and focus on my strengths to accomplish the things that I’m passionate about….TODAY!”


Maria Orozo, Ector County CSCD

“Charlotte helped me to see that perseverance and optimism are core values, independent of circumstances; I must dust them off and get ahead.” 


Sharnha-Reyes-Hew, Techtiva

“Charlotte pulled me out of the fear factor and helped me refocus on my dreams. I had to fight back tears…thank you!” 


Juanita Sheppard, MAPSS International

“Charlotte is bubbly, funny and entertaining. She taught me to quit waiting for things to happen.”


Sharon Poindexter, Women in Criminal Justice

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