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I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Financial Lessons Learned the Hard Way
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Charlotte Stallings’ debut publication will get you talking to your friends and family about money, and that’s exactly what she wants you to do.

A young woman from the projects in North Minneapolis, Ms. Stallings graduated from college and got a great job with a nice salary. She also got about 20 credit cards and a ton of debt … and she kept this dilemma to herself.

One by one, Charlotte shares stories about the problematic decisions she made over the years, and how to avoid them. Most importantly, she shares stories about good choices and ways to reverse the consequences of bad decisions.

This book revolves around decisions, lots of them, and the role that an open discussion plays in making them wisely. In a friendly, conversational way that completely lacks pretense, Ms. Stallings strips the mystery away from what it takes to live a life free of financial anxiety.

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Happy Reading!

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