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Keep moving forward!

"Mom, I like this picture because you're forward-facing."


Milan's words touched a nerve because I've spent excessive time in a rear-facing mode (agonizing over hurts, disappointments, poor decisions, lost opportunities, situations outside my control, and the like). Her words also lifted me because despite all of the challenges (and certainly the past few years have been heavy), forward is the direction I've decided to go. How about you?

Forward means onward so as to make progress; toward a successful conclusion. When I consider my progress, sometimes it's felt like baby steps (no, I take that back, sometimes it's felt like micro-steps), but it's been progress nonetheless. I'll take it and I'll celebrate it!

I believe it's vital to acknowledge our progress no matter how inconsequential it might seem. Acknowledgment might sound like one of these statements...

· "I'm doing so much better!"

· "I am not where I was!"

· "I am stronger on so many levels."

· "I'm up to 12 reps."

· "I'm consistently moving my body for 30 minutes, 3-4 times each week."

· "I am taking care of myself by getting in bed by 10 pm each night."

· "I have accepted what was, and I'm on to what is next."

Looking forward, making progress, and celebrating small wins leads to more and bigger wins. I love how Biotech scientist and TEDxChilliwack (To Achieve Success, Start Detecting Your Small Wins) Speaker, Mehrnaz Bassiri puts it, “Small wins have transformational power. Once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion to favor another small win and another small win until the combination of these small wins leads to larger and greater accomplishments.”

Circling back to the picture Milan picked out, she had her reasons for liking it, but I liked it for one additional reason: The railing I'm leaning against reminded me that I don't have to go forward alone.

Progress doesn't happen in a vacuum.

Sheesh, there are countless people who've supported me. Can you relate? Stop, close your eyes for a moment, and think about all the people (see their faces) who've held you up professionally and personally by encouraging you, listening to you, buying from you, hiring you, coaching you, cheering you on, referring you, and so much more. We do not have to travel this road alone. However you identify them...your crew/squad/peeps ...they are only a question/text/call away. Lean into those who provide you with solid support, they are assigned to your life to help you achieve and acknowledge every single win.

So in 2022 will you join me in:

· Facing forward?

· Celebrating all of our wins?

· Leaning on our people for support?

I know you can do it! Keep going forward my friend, keep going forward!

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