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Charlotte Stallings is the total speaking and training package. Her high-energy programs are designed to motivate participants into accomplishment and success. Her interactive personality exudes a charismatic engaging presence that cannot be ignored. And her gift for stimulating and empowering her attendees, to take the steps necessary to accomplish decisive results, is proven.

As a speaker, trainer and coach, Charlotte Stallings has worked with some of the world’s most successful corporations and associations, from sales people to executive leaders to individual contributors. A former Vice President of Investment Strategies and National Spokesperson for Ameriprise Financial, she developed a sales and marketing initiative to help investors throughout the United States.


Charlotte Stallings speaks from experience. She opens and closes conferences and events, for companies and associations that want to boost morale and inspire their people to do their best.



Charlotte gained expertise in the nuts and bolts of sales, marketing, business and leadership from her years at US Banks, Xerox and over 20 years at American Express.  By taking risks, making mistakes and gathering information, she grew into the kind of expert that you can trust.    


Charlotte has made appearances on CNN and other national and regional media outlets.  She has been a weekly in-studio guest on Houston’s FOX26 ‘Your Money’ segment, and is also a member of the National Speakers Association.  Recently, Charlotte was selected by The Steed Society and Comerica Bank as one of the Top 25 Women of Houston, and she was a featured financial contributor in Essence Magazine.


Charlotte is the author of, "I Wish Someone Had Told Me: Financial Lessons Learned the Hard Way"  The book is available on 

Charlotte is a native Minnesotan who's lived in NW Houston, with her family, for many years. 



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Transformation is an Inside Job

I Wish Someone Had Told ME

Financial Lessons Learned the Hard Way


"EXTREMELY beneficial - her presentation was full of good information and her style was peppy, fruitful and entertaining. When one is being entertained they are listening - if they are listening they are learning - Charlotte hit all of these points SPOT ON!" Bryant University

Bryant University

"One of our leaders said she felt as if you were speaking directly to her, and she is now motivated again to challenge herself further in her career goals. You were funny, interesting and very motivating. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Job well done!

"You were great, a very engaging speaker with excellent enthusiasm, great stories and inspirational. You received the highest rating of all our speakers during the two-day forum. We received numerous requests to have you back."


Financial Planning Association



We can all agree we want to know how to stop talking about the goals and actually achieve them. While there are barriers to the goals we all know exist, the real problem is we’ve come to believe it’s about the steps of action versus the state of action. We tend to think about the steps we need to take, and not as much about how we sustain those steps – how we create a state of action. To sustain the steps to achieve our goals we need to have
a momentum mindset, which involves action + purpose!