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Keynote Speaker and Author, Charlotte Stallings, empowers organizations to create cultures of confidence where people shake off hesitancy to make better decisions that drive better results.

The Transformative Power of Confidence


Confidence is not the absence of failure but the courage to take calculated risks and grow from mistakes. It’s a cornerstone of strong leadership, and everyone is a leader.  Whether you’re a department of one or the head of an entire organization, we can all benefit from transforming our timidity (hesitation) into forward momentum. 

What’s Holding You Back?


Our complex world creates endless uncertainties that can overwhelm us, causing excessive hesitation. 


Studies show that our influence, performance, and success all suffer when we lack the confidence to navigate challenges. Moreover, these hesitations lead to missed opportunities, trouble coping with change, and getting stuck in deep ruts.


Sound familiar, either in yourself or your team? 

Time to Boost the Confidence Factor!


When we take charge of our uncertainty, hesitation, and self-doubt, we enjoy the benefits of better confidence:


  • Capitalizing on more opportunities

  • Freedom from fear and second-guessing

  • Effectively navigating change to make better decisions with better results


Learn how Charlotte empowers individuals and organizations to foster cultures of confidence.


Charlotte is on a mission

Charlotte spent 20 years at a Fortune 100 company  helping financial institutions and financial advisors improve efficiencies, enhance marketing, and grow revenues, and she saw first-hand the effects of uncertainty in decision making and goal achievement. For every single business leader who made a decision to act on the opportunities presented, there were three other business leaders who analyzed, researched, consulted, pondered and ultimately made no decisions resulting in no action.  The hesitators weren't nearly as successful as those who acted.


Ten years ago Charlotte decided to put her experience into practice and launched her own learning & development, and speaking organization. That's when she began to understand what leaders and team members can go through when there's hand-wringing, self-doubt, and missed opportunities due to uncertainty, because she found herself in their same shoes. Hesitation was holding her back, limiting her success and stunting her growth, until she learned several lessons and began using valuable tools to help her move from hesitancy to action.


She's on a mission to help organizations, teams, and individual contributors caught in a cycle of hesitancy to instead create a culture of confidence by deciding, acting and seeing better results!

Client Testimonials

"EXTREMELY beneficial - her presentation was full of good information and her style was peppy, fruitful and entertaining. When one is being entertained they are listening - if they are listening they are learning - Charlotte hit all of these points SPOT ON!"

Bryant University

"One of our leaders said she felt as if Charlotte was speaking directly to her, and she is now motivated again to challenge herself further in her career goals. Charlotte was funny, interesting and very motivating. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Job well done!"


"Charlotte was great, a very engaging speaker with excellent enthusiasm, great stories and inspirational. She received the highest rating of all our speakers during the two-day forum. We received numerous requests to have her back."

Financial Planning Institution

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What Does Charlotte Bring to the Table?


You can leverage Charlotte's speaking services in several ways, including:

  • Keynoter 

  • Break-out sessions

  • Panelist

  • Panel Moderator

  • Host/Emcee

  • Spouse sessions


Charlotte is passionate about helping organizations shake off hesitancy, embrace change, and boost performance. Her energetic and interactive approach to learning not only provides practical knowledge but also helps participants overcome uncertainty, fostering confidence and creating a go-forward action plan for tangible results.


Rapid Fire Clarity Call:

A time for us to discuss your specific needs and desired outcomes. [30 minutes]

1-on-1 Strategy, Acceleration or Execution Session:

Dedicated time to focus on your top priority. My aim is to help you get out of your way, implement and achieve your goal(s). [1 hour]

From Hesitation to Action!

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