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Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author.


Without Perfection...
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Discover your own path to success.

We all want to know how to stop talking about our goals and actually achieve them...but how do we do that? We know barriers exist, but how do we move past them?


We've come to believe that the problem is about the steps of action versus the state of action. We tend to think about the steps we need to take instead of how we sustain those steps, how we create a state of action.


In order to successfully achieve our goals, we need to have a momentum mindset, which involves action + purpose!

It doesn't matter if there's just one of you, a team of fifty, or a corporation of thousands - I'll help you reach your full potential and discover your personal path to success!


Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Stallings is the total speaking and training package. With extensive experience in sales, marketing, business, and leadership from her years at US Bank, Xerox, and American Express, Charlotte is an expert that you can trust. She has made appearances on national and regional media outlets, including CNN, Houston's FOX26 "Your Money" segment, and Essence Magazine. Charlotte was recently selected by The Steed Society and Comerica Bank as one of the Top 25 Women of Houston. 

As a speaker, coach, and trainer, Charlotte helps corporations, business teams, and individual contributors realize their full potential by sharing actionable ideas and information that help them get past obstacles, gain upward momentum, and discover their own paths to success.


years of industry experience


years of training experience


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Client Testimonials

"EXTREMELY beneficial - her presentation was full of good information and her style was peppy, fruitful and entertaining. When one is being entertained they are listening - if they are listening they are learning - Charlotte hit all of these points SPOT ON!"

Bryant University

"One of our leaders said she felt as if Charlotte was speaking directly to her, and she is now motivated again to challenge herself further in her career goals. Charlotte was funny, interesting and very motivating. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Job well done!"


"Charlotte was great, a very engaging speaker with excellent enthusiasm, great stories and inspirational. She received the highest rating of all our speakers during the two-day forum. We received numerous requests to have her back."

Financial Planning Institution


What Do You Get When You Hire Charlotte?


Meeting professionals can take advantage of Charlotte's variety of speaking services, including:

  • Keynote 

  • Break-out sessions

  • Spouse sessions

  • Panel moderation

  • Panelist

  • Facilitator


Getting $mart About Money:

Tools and information to help you map out a plan for your financial life.

Transformation is an Inside Job:

Attendees will learn how to master a mindset of momentum.


Rapid Fire Clarity Calls:

Understand your goals.

1-on-1 Strategy Sessions:

Dedicated time to focus on your top priority.

Acceleration & Execution:

Six 90-minute coaching sessions.

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I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Financial Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Charlotte's debut publication will get you talking to your friends and family about money. Order your autographed copy today!

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