Plan for the Unexpected

It's great that several restaurant chaiins have offered free or heavily discounted menu items during this economically challenging year. What a break for me and so many others who wanted good food on the cheap. So last week when a friend emailed me a Boston Market coupon for a $1 meal, I jumped on it.

Middle of the week when I pulled thorugh drive-up I was told they were out of one meat item, I gladly accepted what they had and was on my way. So thrilled was I to get a healthy, hot meal (I like Boston Market) for a buck, I went back two days later, way before the promotion ended. This time the line of people snaked through the lobby and into the dining area. I saw old friends in the line, and made new ones.

When I was ready to order, the lady behind the counter announced, "We're out of chicken, you can have meatloaf or turkey!" "But my coupon is for a quarter chicken or three pieces", I mumbled. When it was my turn to order the woman said, "I'm sorry ma'am, this is all we have, we didn't expect this many people." No worries, I had a taste for meatloaf anyway.

While enjoying my meal, I couldn't help but wonder how the planning meetings at Boston Market corporate offices were going. Had they not studied and analyzed the Denny's Grand Slam freebies much earlier in the year? Had they missed the mangled parking lots at every KFC in the country this summer with the new grilled chicken launch? I'm just saying, maybe they could have planned a little better. And yes, Iknow unforeseen variables can wreak havoc on the best laid plans, but to be completely out of the item you're promoting three days left makes you raise an eyebrow.

It reminded me to have a plan for the unexpected...with my finances, my business and my life.

What's your plan for the unexpected?

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